Victor Walch Michnowicz

is a web application developer


Multi-site login

At work we are developing a network of sites and require a single-sign-on solution to allow a sign-on for one site to sign the user into all sites. This is how I went about developing this functionality.

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PHPStorm Features

PHPStorm is a fantastic PHP IDE. It’s complete list of features would probably be at least a mile long. Here are few of the random features that I find useful.

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Launch of (version 7)

Version 6 of launched way back in 2010. In internet years that is about 64 years ago (internet years are all binary: 2, 4, 16, 32, 64, etc…). Back in 2010 the internet was a very different place and I had very different goals for my personal site.

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VWM Polls Installation and Configuration Video Tutorial

Quick video tutorial on how to install and configure the ExpressionEngine polling module VWM Polls.

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jQuery Form Validate

I have recently released the new jQuery form validation plugin jQuery Form Validate. Let the validation commence.

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Hard at Work

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy — I got a new job and I started work on a new ExpressionEngine 2 module.

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Introducing VWM Secure Files

Say “hello” to VWM Secure Files. This ExpressionEngine 2 module and fieldtype allows you to restrict access to files based on a given members group and/or member ID.

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Determining AJAX Success and Failure States in ExpressionEngine Modules

Assume you are building an ExpressionEngine module and you need to use jQuery to POST some data to one of your methods. Your method will then insert this data into your database and return some JSON with the insert ID and some other fun stuff. But what if the database insert failed? What are some ways to return an error message?

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VWM Polls v0.1-beta

Say “hello” to VWM Polls, a free and open source fieldtype and module package for ExpressionEngine 2.

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Cloning Select Inputs With jQuery

Cloning select inputs with jQuery is a bit weird. While it works, it does not clone the currently selected option.

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The First Week of the Year (According to PHP)

One might assume that Saturday, January 1st, 2011 was part of the first week of the new year. However, ISO-8601 says otherwise.

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CodeIgniter jQuery and JSON Search Suggestions

Follow a video tutorial on how to create a CodeIgniter jQuery and JSON search suggestion system.

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CodeIgniter 2 Memcache Driver

I am not cool enough for Memcached. Give me Memcache.

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Automating Database Results Array in CodeIgniter

Sometimes the obvious is not very obvious. What does one do when confronted with a table with 50+ rows? Eventually you are going to have to build an array for all this data.

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WebFaction Review

A short review of WebFaction web hosting.

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The Choice: EngineHosting, Media Temple, or WebFaction

Three potential web hosts battle it out. Only one can win my heart.

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Goodbye Go Daddy or: How I Learned to Start Caring and Love Speed

Dear Go Daddy,
Your super cheap hosting has been nice, however you are slow and I am leaving you.

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Setting Up Virtual Hosts in XAMPP on Windows 7

Are you tired of working local on projects located in http://localhost/portfolio/projects/bla? I am.

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AJAX Aware JSON ExpressionEngine Contact Form Module (beta)

Now that we got that keyword-stuffed title out of the way, let me introduce my first ExpressionEngine 2 module, VWM Contact. The default ExpressionEngine contact form was just not doing it for me. Not only did it not play nice with AJAX, but the validation also sucked. I had to do something about it…

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History of of

See how this site used to look over the years.

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Launch of (version 6)

Welcome to the new portfolio site of Victor Michnowicz!

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